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Media Telecom is a UK-headquartered full service web development and marketing agency.We own a medium-sized web development center in India and therefore can provide quality solutions at affordable prices.
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WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins can add richness and customization to your WordPress/WooCommerce website. WordPress is the easiest and the most preferred CMS. It is feature-rich and has tons of capabilities. Customized plugins can get more specific and deliver your exact requirements and thereby make your website more user-friendly.

Our firm can develop plugins that will help you add specific features to your website – features that make you stand head and shoulders taller than the competition. We have already created versatile WordPress plugins such as:

  • Property Listing
  • VB Social Plugin
  • Advanced Property Mapping
  • Suburb Profile for Proper
  • Events Calendary Listing website
  • Content Curation
  • WooCommerce Shipping Calculator
  • NewsFeed
  • Personalized Postcard Message Creator
  • Custom Location Profile Builder
  • And many others…

We ensure that every WordPress plugin developed by us will:

  • Reconcile with your requirements.
  • Be bug free
  • Be 100% secure

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About Media Telecom

Media Telecom is a most reliable and reputed Professional web designing and development agency. We have creative talented and experienced team in all aspects of web design, development, eCommerce and custom web application.

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