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Media Telecom is a UK-headquartered full service web development and marketing agency.We own a medium-sized web development center in India and therefore can provide quality solutions at affordable prices.
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Social Media Apps and Third Party API Integration

We can help you integrate third party APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, global fulfillment, ecommerce, etc., APIs) into your ecommerce store, regular website or social media page. We use web services for data acquisition. Integrating third party APIs into your website can make increase traffic, sales and customer engagement. For example, integrating Global Fulfillment’s or LinnWork’s APIs into your store can help you push products on eBay and Amazon and therefore reach buyers all across the world effortlessly.

Likewise, you can create Facebook stores (we already have patented a procedure), Twitter Offers, Google properties, Google Advertising apps, Google Map apps, Coupon SMS systems, and more. Check out some of the engaging websites we have created using Facebook and Twitter APIs.


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About Media Telecom

Media Telecom is a most reliable and reputed Professional web designing and development agency. We have creative talented and experienced team in all aspects of web design, development, eCommerce and custom web application.

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